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Head of the Ushering Team Aigars Grasmanis

 I am happily married with my wife Anita and we have two wonderful sons. I experienced Jesus Christ as my Saviour at the age of 16. All these years I have been enjoying the Love of God and my deepest longing is to answer Him with my love and trust in Him. Having attended the Church “Prieka Vēsts”, I started to help as an usher and soon I realized in my heart that it is the way I want to serve God. Now for more than 10 years I am the leader of Ushering Team. I am thankful to God for He has given me this privilege and calling “to take care for God’s house, His Holy Place.”

The main duties of ushers are:

  • help,

  • take care or order and security,

  • show kindness and hospitality.

The ministry operates according to the internal rules of the church and universally accepted standards of ethics and behavior.

We welcome you as you enter the house of God to:

  • answer your questions and inform of current events;

  • help you find free seats in the sanctuary or necessary rooms;

  • help drivers park their cars in one of the three parking lots;

  • be responsible for your comfort and safety when you come to a church meeting or any event organized by the church;

  • be responsible for order in all the rest rooms open to you and parking lots, too


To secure order in church services and events, we ask you to keep the following rules of safety and order:

  • do not bring large bags and packages into the main sanctuary;

  • do not bring in food and sweet or mineralized beverages;

  • before entering a church event switch off your cell phone;

  • do not make noise and do not walk around without an urgent need;

  • if you are late or have to leave earlier, please, take a seat close to an exit so that you would not disturb others.


Concerning children who do not attend the Sunday school:

  • if your child does not attend Sunday school during a church service he/she should sit next to his/her parents;

  • if your child is playing too loud, we offer you specific seats or an opportunity to go to the church nursery;

  • if your child is crying, please, take him/her outside the main sanctuary to calm him/her down there.


If any usher is admonishing you about a loud behavior of your child it happens only because our duty is to make sure other hundreds of people present would not be disturbed during the church service.


As the number of people or variety of events grow, the need for usher ministry is grows, too. Therefore we are asking you to join our wonderful team – thus you will help to secure existence of services and different events in a safe and comfortable environment.

You have the opportunity to take responsibility and feel needed, satisfied, and happy as you are giving part of your life – your heart, time, and abilities to serve God and people.

If you have any questions or you have decided to join this ministry, please, write us or after a service come meet the head of usher ministry Aigars Grasmanis.

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